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Letter from Publisher

My personal health regime has been a work in progress for 25 years or so. I am grateful for every advancing step and always thirsting for more. I value the temple that is my being, appreciate forward movement, make mental space for fresh perspective and pause often to just be. I cherish every bit of understanding and expansion that show up dressed as my best self.

While grateful to hold on to my upbringing’s core morals and standards, pretty much everything else about me is different than the way I was raised.

I’ve shared many times how food was loved in our home. I reflect fondly on many of the best memories of my life gathered around the family table. Yet my fare today is nothing like the meals I grew up with; my whole approach to food has changed. As a rule I’m all about eating clean food now. Once in a blue moon I grant myself a little grace and enjoy some childhood indulgence, but I know the food combinations my body likes best and immediately feel the effects when something isn’t optimum.

The same principle applies to other aspects of personal care, as well. Sometimes I wish all the old folks were still here so I could share what I’ve learned, wondering if maybe together we could have prevented, offset or gentled some of the disease that reared its head in their final years. Still, they had a big advantage before processed foods, GMOs, fluoridated water and thousands of synthetic chemicals invaded our environment and our lives.

I chuckle to think of some of the home remedies and habits I grew up with, like drinking apple cider vinegar daily or steaming our faces over the dishwasher to open our pores. Maybe we could have extended my relatives’ stay on Earth a little longer and surely made it more enjoyable had they explored outside of their comfort zone to consider alternative therapies, but few back then in the West had even heard of such things.

I now detox at least twice a year, although the routine varies. Usually it’s in the comfort of my home but last year I visited the Angel Farms Cleansing and Rejuvenation Center, in Pepeekeo, Hawaii. They focus on colon hydrotherapy complemented by other healing modalities, and I’m happy to report that my experience with the island cleanse was amazing.

In July’s feature article, “Natural Ways to Cleanse Body and Mind,” Meredith Montgomery provides an excellent overview of aspects to consider if you’re interested in reconnecting with your best body, giving it a break and exploring ways to take your health to a new level. Supporting your path to feeling ever better is a big part of this magazine’s monthly mission; we hope you take advantage of it.

In good health!

Publisher Siganture

Celeste Souza, Publisher

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