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Living Lean for a More Fulfilled Life

Living Lean's Sheena Lakhotia

Living Lean's Sheena Lakhotia

On the way to an advanced degree in immunology, the study of how genes control the immune system, Sheena Lakhotia, founder of Living Lean, discovered that she was better suited to work with people than with dishes full of lab cultures. “Halfway into my five-year Cornell University fellowship, I realized that I was a people person rather than a Petri person,” she jokes.

A second important realization in the life of this Orinda resident came when she attended her first aerobics class while studying for a graduate degree at the University of California, Davis. “Exercising for fitness became my first love that day, and I’ve been teaching ever since: kickboxing, step aerobics, dance aerobics and spinning classes,” says Lakhotia, who never ceases to be amazed that her passion became a financially rewarding full-time career or that success has come as the result of her desire to help individuals lose weight and sculpt their bodies through exercise and proper nutrition.

“Helping so many people in the East Bay look and feel great every day is very rewarding,” enthuses Lakhotia, whose Living Lean program helps increase muscle in the body and decrease fat, making individuals leaner, stronger and healthier.

While teaching spin classes Lakhotia noticed that many individuals worked very hard to become fit, but did not achieve their desired results. “They worked out and burned calories, but they didn’t live a healthy lifestyle,” she explains. “So, I developed a comprehensive, measurable, results-oriented program that is progressive and ensures that if people put in the time and effort, they will get their desired results,” she advises, emphasizing that while exercise plays a key role, diet is crucial, too. Body fat is measured every week, and workout routines are changed regularly to eliminate plateau periods.

When individuals follow Lakhotia’s customized exercise and nutrition program, results come quickly. “I can see changes within a week,” she says, adding that clients frequently report a weight loss of five to seven pounds and one inch off the waist and hips. After only 18 months and hundreds of walking success stories like these, Lakhotia opened a second facility in Oakland’s Montclair Village.

Now, with 12 personal trainers and word of mouth continuing to build a growing clientele, she is not only planning to open a third facility in Danville, but is dreaming of future franchise opportunities. “Whether it’s a franchise or shared-risk model, I need partners so that I can expand and reach more people who need to understand how exercise can help them gain awareness and reflect on what’s important,” notes Lakhotia. “Once you realize the connection between exercising and feeling good, you’re on your way to a more fulfilled life.

Living Lean, 2 Theatre Square, Ste. 140, Orinda; and 1955 Mountain Blvd., Ste 103, Oakland (Montclair Village). Call 925-360-7051 or visit TheLivingLeanProgram.com.

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