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Letter from Publisher

I recently had the opportunity to watch the amazing new documentary film Heal (HealDocumentary.com). Directed, written and produced by Kelly Noonan Gores and Adam Schomer, it analyzes the phenomenal relationship between spirituality and science. The primary message revolves around the revelation that we have more control over our health and life than we have been led to believe.

Interviews and case studies provide a framework for the theory that belief is everything, while delving deep into personal experiences. Viewers glean a change of perspective, discovering that we are not victims of our family genes, but truly have the power to heal virtually any “dis-ease” through our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and emotions.

“We are living in an epidemic of fear and stress. The intention behind Heal is to inspire, empower and inform,” says Noonan Gores. “I wanted to shine a light not only on our bodies’ brilliant capacity for healing, but also present the scientific evidence proving that our beliefs, thoughts, emotions have a direct and profound influence on our genetic expression. Inspiring real-life stories show us what is truly possible when it comes to healing, even when we are told there is no hope.”

Healing journeys shared in the documentary tell of cures of chronic pain and overcoming terminal illness using the “power of belief ”. Experts and researchers depict results of intriguing outcomes like those described by Dr. Kelly Turner while interviewing more than 1,500 cases of “spontaneous” remissions. “I’ve discovered 75 different things that these people have done to try to get well, but not everybody uses all of them. When I looked at the data, they were all using these nine:  

    • Radically changing your diet
    • Taking control of your health
    • Following your intuition
    • Using herbs and supplements under a doctor’s supervision
    • Increasing positive emotions
    • Embracing social support
    • Deepening your spiritual connection
    • Having strong reasons for living
    • Releasing suppressed emotions

Only two of these are physical; the rest are mental, emotional and spiritual,” notes Turner.

Each segment is worth rewinding to ensure we absorb dissection of both categories of spirituality and science. The film will empower you with a new understanding of the miraculous nature of the human body and the extraordinary healer within us all.

In good health,


Celeste Souza, Publisher

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