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A Master You Can Trust

Simple Treatments for Pain

Have you ever had a pain in your back or neck? For most people, it is but a tiny inconvenience. But for some, it can be an unspeakable agony. It plagues them in their waking moments and haunts them in their sleep. Their whole lives can come to a halt.

Muscular pains can have a wide range of severity. In the worst cases, those injured may not be able to walk upright or sit properly, and even when lying down, they may be in pain.

The causes are countless. You do not need to be doing strenuous exercises to get neck or back pains. Pain can simply be caused by picking up something from the floor, reaching up to a shelf or getting out of bed incorrectly. In short, we are at risk for getting these injuries every day. In addition, there may be other apparently unrelated symptoms as a result, such as insomnia.

But there is help. There are non-invasive ways to heal pain, including massage, energy work, specialized exercises, postures, acupressure and other physical manipulation of the body. These approaches help the whole body, and can heal more than just muscular pain. In addition, after the initial pain relief, there are a number of ongoing exercises and practices that can be done at home, including Tai chi and chi kung, to help patients achieve and maintain a pain-free life. 

Master Lam Kam Chuen has more than 40 years of helping people with pain relief in Asia, Europe and the U.S. He is the author of many books, including The Way of Energy, and had his own British TV series, Stand Still, Be Fit. Besides offering pain relief treatments, he also teaches Tai chi and chi kung at his studio, located at 4003 Howe St., Oakland. For more information, visit LamKamChuen.com.

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