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Intelligent Energy Drisana Workshop Coming Soon

There are many energy systems available to the public, but not all utilize “intelligent” Energy. What is intelligent energy? Intelligent energy ultimately comes from source, is stepped down to be useful in the human energy field, and is received through attunements/initiations from a teacher initiated into the specific system. Join Loretta Metzger of the Spiritual Unfoldment Network(tm) (SUN) for a two-day intelligent energy Drisana workshop or free Drisana lecture coming soon.

One property of intelligent energy is when the energy is activated, it can sense if it has saturated a person’s energy field and then turns off to avoid overcharging the individual. Additionally, it works in conjunction with the person’s higher self, is compatible with intelligent energies from other systems, and knows where to go in one’s energy field.

All workshops in the SUN are composed entirely of intelligent energies received by the student through attunements/initiations.

Drisana is a SUN energy system of Tibetan origin with incredible power and sophistication, having no parallel in any other system. Its versatility and ease of use makes it perfect for even the complete beginner to energy work. Drisana offers 32 attunements and works with all seven planes of reality: the physical/etheric, emotional, mental, Buddhic, atmic, monadic, and cosmic. The energies can be accessed at any time, giving the individual the ability to work at their own pace for personal and spiritual progress. The energies can be used for self or others by mentally directing the flow.

SUN students can learn to access power settings used in Drisana and can be used with other attunement systems.  Some unique abilities the student can access are: create energy programs; clear, align, balance chakras, meridians, and subtle bodies; enhance meditation and visualization; channel building, and much more.

For more information, call 925-954-7908, email Sun88@juno.com, or visit Spiritual-Initiations.com.

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