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Letter from Publisher

Spring is my favorite season. I love how nature comes alive, standing strong in its power of renewal, sharing its vibrant beauty with us, spreading its healing resonance. It’s also my favorite time of year to venture out on hikes and one that comes to mind as I write happened a few years ago on Mother’s Day.

Due to a last-minute shift in plans, I wound up walking the trail alone, which became a wondrous gift. With my mom having recently passed away, I was sorely in need of nature’s solace. Having one of my favorite short trails all to myself felt heaven-sent. As most hikers do, I have a few special spots I especially enjoy and as I rounded one of them, I felt a little sprinkle. It was such a beautiful day, I wondered if I had imagined drops of rain or maybe it was something else; I stopped and looked around to spot a likely source.

Next I reached a part of the path embraced by tree branches gracefully meeting in the middle overhead. Here the sky let loose and rain began to pour down in healing benediction just as I began to release my fresh grief in tears. The magic of the timing and the fact that as I stepped forward into this sacred space not a drop touched me, stunned me. I never got wet along the entire trail and with each step forward it felt like pain was falling away from me and I was being renewed.

When I eventually looked up ahead at the end of the trail, the sun shined brightly. God’s message of healing illustrated by the light at the end of the tunnel was clear, loud and real. When we are open and raw such special experiences speak our name. When we come to a position of attention to their blessings, they are able to uplift and change our mindset.

We always own the power to shift to a fresh perspective. I hope that spring’s bounty grants you a welcome awakening that you are prepared to receive, just because you gifted yourself a little time in nature. In good health,

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Celeste Souza, Publisher

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