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Fearless Love is Natural Awakening

Understand your Divinity, accept it wholeheartedly, and the result is Freedom, the Fiery Freedom you’ve always been and perhaps rarely recognize. Freedom, true Freedom, constitutes Natural Awakening, our overlooked, wonderful, ceaselessly Creative and Healing lotus flower birthright. What treasure! What happiness! What peace! Is this recognition simple? Yes. Is it easy? No.

It means giving yourself totally over to your Self in the following order: Relaxation, Meditation, Recognition, and finally, Realization of Who you truly are. Then frustration and fear evaporate. Wild sweet innocent laughter continues through All and Everything. As the Divine expresses Itself everything disappears, including the Knowledge we sought because it is beyond our mind and imagination.

This takes wholehearted surrender to the invisible Presence that is as real as the visible. Some call it White Light. Others call it GUS (God, Universe, Spirit). No matter what you do or don’t call It, the Silent Healing Presence thrives in each and every Life atom. Yet it is “soft” and accessible to all Life creatures, especially ourselves! Simply trust It, open to It and you grow the Tree of Life. Abuse It, fear It, turn from It, and we get the dumbfounded ego-based Tree of Good and Evil, aka the crazy whirling world we live in which manifests illness, wars, and mass misery.

Natural Awakening often feels like it can take forever. But there’s a shortcut, a way to dive into the boundless LIVING space we call God, Consciousness, Self. Summed up in two words: Fearless and Loving, like the two stuffies in my living room! Fearless and Loving are stuffed lions—one gold, one speckled brown—wearing red heart necklaces who sit side by side on top of my tv. They’re amazing! Whenever I gaze at Fearless and Loving a robust, peaceful, calm is evoked, similar to the Silent Healing Power. So I get closer and closer to my furry inspirations, perched above the big screen, and beam grateful joy back at them. I love my Lion Kings! They’re handsome, cuddly, cute, and totally supportive, gifts from one who loves me, and and whenever I gaze their way I feel the Presence coming on strong.

That’s the best part: Fearless and Loving evoke a leonine resolve, the Divine Flame, an unstoppable ceaseless Love that makes our bodies heal and our lives the best ever; the open secret we all need to practice and master. Each of us, you and me, everyone, has a Fearless and Loving something or someone or somewhere which evokes that healing. It can be a photo, a book, a doll, a tree, a meditation cushion, a statue of a true Spiritual being. Give yourself permission to enter the constant Grace and to feel your fear, feel your dis-ease, feel whatever makes you sad, and then face the Living Love which surrounds us all, and ceaselessly protects and guides us “if we only have eyes to see.”

So let’s all get super serious. Let’s dive together into the heart, heeding the One Voice forever guiding us lovingly from heart to mind and back again. One Voice, in a multitude of tongues. Always within and around us. Always. The Presence, or — as some put it — Father/Mother God, Consciousness, Self — is real Life beyond our life dream. Just allow your life to Be. Simplify, simplify, simplify. Let the world go its own way. Those of us who wholeheartedly surrender to the Presence are rare. Most of us discover the Truth of our Divinity in increments, painful step by stumbling step, through firestorms of fear, heartbreak, and lifetimes of distorted karmically created “sentences” where we reap what we sow while not recognizing the ego gardener’s face as resembling our very own.

When we feel, act, live a loveless life, we get dis-ease. We are not at ease, worried, clashing with self and others, and hardly ever aware that it our reactions to our perceptions or “thoughts” that cause all the misery. Whenever we are in dis-harmony it invariably comes as a “return” process we have created and reflected back upon ourselves, whether we deign to acknowledge it or not. When we gaze through the clouds at the sun, we receive the mysterious, uncertain Loving that forever pleads for admission to our hearts. Admitting love is soft, not hard, but it takes true resolve and courage.

As a professional hypnotherapist for decades, I confess that the immediacy and wonder of the Silent Healing Power still leaves me breathless — and humbled beyond words, description, or concepts. Helping clients simply open themselves to our Universal Divine birthright, then witnessing the complete healing of those who simply face the Eternal Sun and allow Father/Mother/Spirit to do the work is  a blessing beyond measure. Natural Awakening often feels like it can take forever. But there’s a shortcut, a way to dive into the boundless LIVING space we call God, Consciousness, the Self. Summed up in two words: Fearless and Loving.

Michael Disend is a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with Power Hypnosis, with offices in Walnut Creek and San Francisco. For more information, call 925-300-3122 or 415-440-8767, email Michael@PowerHypnosis.com or visit PowerHypnosis.com.

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