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Natural Living Directory 2016

Natural Awakenings EastBay brings our readers the Healthy Living Resource Guide for complementary and integrative health services and green and healthy products to help you live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. We hope you keep this directory as a handy reference to use when searching for the resources to achieve optimum wellness for yourself and the planet.



125B Town and Country Road, Danville, CA

Ancient Traditions Healing is a mind, body, soul healing practice. Focusing on using ancient healing modalities of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism and Inca Shamanism to guide busy women (and men) to glowing health by replenishing by life force and enhance bodily function.

Are you suffering from life? A busy schedule? Stress? Insomnia? Health issues that Western medicine is not fully addressing? 77 percent of the population experience physical symptoms caused by stress. 54 percent of the population is concerned about their health problems caused by stress. Ancient Traditions Healing helps women (and men) from leaking their inner power with 90 percent of their client’s experiencing relief from their symptoms within 10 days of starting health and lifestyle recommendations while working on the root cause of their symptoms. How would you like to have an end game to your therapies?

Massengale is a graduate of Michael Tierra’s East West School of Planetary Herbology. Trained in chronic illness, infectious disease, metabolic disease and human microbiome therapies, Massengale is also an herbalist at the East West Free Clinic for the Homeless and underserved and Treasurer of the Greater Bay Area American Herbalist Guild Chapter.



Marta Maria MarracciniMarta Maria Marraccini

It’s time to dust off the diamond light you ARE and design your life with your limitless mind! With Marta Maria’s guidance you transform from human beings reaching for spirituality, into spiritual beings reaching to humanity.

Marta Maria Marraccini, MA (Spiritual Teacher) has been in private practice for 17 years. An established professional speaker, community builder and has a private Quantum Belief practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She provides private sessions, divinity circles, retreats and and one-to three-hour guided mindfulness meditations for private small companies and larger top 100 corporate companies such as Google and Bishop Ranch, CA. She is available to present lectures, workshops and training on multiple topics from health and wellness, feminine leadership (women only seminars) to understanding consciousness and empowering individuals to shift their life.

The Divinity Circle is a group of deliberate and consciously awakened women who gather in monthly sacred ceremony for the purpose of deconstructing old paradigms while deepening into relationship with all aspects of themselves (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually). Together we cultivate joyous expansion in our lives while providing a high level of sisterhood, connection and accountability through which great transformation occurs.



Brenda GallowayBrenda Galloway

Brenda Galloway, an expert traditional Naturopath and Energy Healer, designed the Enlivened Beings Program. “Would you like to feel energized, happy, and healthy with no effort on your part? That’s what I offer,” states Galloway.

How valuable would it be for you to live at your most enlivened, healthy state without investing more of your time and effort? Would you love help to clear out hidden blocks, allowing you to live life to the fullest?

Galloway has been teaching Enlivened Beings Healing since 1994 (formerly Golden Light Healing) and has offered over 50,000 of these healings so far. She is offering the Enlivened Beings monthly membership program for a community of people who choose to allow her to clear their blocks without requiring their presence, allowing more freedom to be, do and have what they want in life. Do you want that kind of freedom, too? If you are ready for dramatic, positive, effortless change, this is for you. Join us for automatic, monthly, effortless healing to augment your health practices on your wellbeing journey.



Dr. Colin YoshidaDr. Colin Yoshida
3885 Beacon Ave,
Fremont, CA 94538

Fremont Natural Dentistry is a holistic practice that values trust, compassion and safe alternatives to general dentistry. They prioritize establishing long standing relationships with their patients and assist the community with developing exceptional long-term whole body health. Dr. Colin Yoshida of Fremont Natural Dentistry has over 20 years of experience in dentistry and spends several months out of the year furthering his education in specialized treatments such as temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ), ozone therapy treatments and periodontal treatments. Dr. Yoshida is set to be certified in Naturopathic dentistry by the American Board of Integrative Medicine and Dentistry, Integrative Biologic Dental Medicine and the American Naturopathic Medic al Association this June.

Dr. Yoshida incorporates a biomimetic approach to oral health, by imitating the evolved and well adapted models found in nature, he treats weak, fractured, and decayed teeth in a way that keeps them strong and seals them from bacterial invasion. The entire staff at Fremont Natural Dentistry is committed to being your partner in wellness, by respecting your material preferences, comfortability needs and always attentively addressing your concerns. As a small certified Pollution Prevention practice, we are committed to the highest standards of safety and disposal of mercury amalgam.



Dr. Katie SokolskiDr. Katie Sokolski, Chiropractor
187 40th Street Way, Oakland, CA 94611

Healing Arts Chiropractic is a wellness center in Oakland featuring chiropractic, nutrition, massage and aesthetician services. Dr. Katie Sokolski was born and raised in New England, graduated from Wellesley College and then moved to California with dreams of becoming a holistic health care practitioner. Life Chiropractic College West and the International College of Applied Kinesiology helped to fulfill that dream. In 2008 she established her holistic chiropractic practice in Berkeley. At the end of 2014 she moved to Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue.

in Berkeley. At the end of 2014 she moved to Oakland’s Piedmont Avenue. Dr. Sokolski utilizes Applied Kinesiology diagnostics and procedures to provide wellness, preventative, post-injury and repetitive strain care. Her focus is balancing the emotional, chemical, and structural aspects of each person. Common reasons for coming to Healing Arts include pain, digestive disturbances, trouble with sleep, anxiety, skin conditions and hormone imbalances: thyroid, blood sugar, female and male. Sports injuries are also treated. Techniques used include gentle chiropractic adjustments (manual/activator/drop table), Natural Healing, Nutrition Response Testing, Morphogenic Field Technique, Zyto Biocommunication Technology, and Applied Kinesiology protocols. Their mission is to facilitate wellness in people dedicated to advancing their health and well-being. The goal is achieving vibrant and optimum health through education and natural means, without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery.



Lela Jaurez925-918-5320

What I’ve discovered in practicing estate planning law is that most people are petrified of confronting their mortality and consequently, procrastinate in putting their financial house in order. Through story, people are often better able to grasp that however fearful they may be, planning is a powerful gift of love they can give to their family as well as a sacred gift they give to themselves, because in confronting their mortality they set themselves free to live a more conscious, meaningful life. Lela Juarez, Esq.

CA - The Barber family was in a tragic car accident. Parents Melanie and Casey died. Their family was thrown into a nightmare. Mel and Casey had talked about naming guardians to provide for the care of their sons and the money they’d leave behind. They never got around to it. They likely thought their family would be able to work out who would care for the boys and their money, with love and grace, if anything happened.

That’s not what happened. After the accident, the boys were in the foster care system for a short time. Since then, over 1,000 pages of court documents have been fi led, nine lawyers, and tens (or even hundreds) of thousands of dollars later, the boys will live with their aunt Janine and their money will be managed by a professional charging $100/hour until the boys turn 18.

Is that what Melanie and Casey would have wanted? If they had known what would happen, they would have done everything to protect their kids, if only they had known how easy it would have been to take care of it.

Learn from their experience! Don’t be one of those people who think they know what to do or think they have done it, but instead leave their loved ones with a complicated mess. By meeting with me for a Family Wealth Planning Session™ you can relax and rest assured your kids will never be taken out of your home or raised by anyone you wouldn’t want. If you already have a plan in place, but want to make sure it adequately protects your kids (most don’t!), ask for an estate plan check-up. Normally, this Family Wealth Planning Session is $750, but call and mention Natural Awakenings and we’ll reserve your Planning Session at no charge PLUS name legal guardians for your kids for free.

To schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session, call 925-918-5320 or email Lela@LJEstatePlanning.com.



Chris CorralesChris Corrales
6400 Village Pkwy #200, Dublin, CA

Don’t let pain define your potential. Serving the outer East Bay, Chris Corrales of MedicinEvolution is a highly sought out practitioner specializing in giving clients freedom from pain. Corrales’ core modality is Rolf Structural Integration (RSI), considered an advanced form of massage and bodywork, RSI is second to none in pain relief and functional integration. As a former wrestler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu brown belt, his high-intensity training coupled with a calm Zen-like demeanor translates into a fi rm but gentle style of manual therapy. The difference is if the body requires surface or deep work, none of it is excruciating or unbearable. “When practitioners cause excessive pain they trigger resistance. That isn’t necessary or helpful,” Corrales says.

RSI is not about chasing symptoms haphazardly and indefinitely. It is a systematic progression of sessions that balance the body around a common center. At his Dublin office, Corrales offers a unique fusion of manual and movement therapy. The manual work regulates the nervous system, invites structures back home, and his movement education system retrains the brain and nervous system to hold the changes. The idea of having anatomical goals and a greater vision of health makes sense to clients and the results speak for themselves. Corrales has the most third party five-star reviews online than any other manual therapist in the Tri-Valley area.



Michelle Reese1839 Ygnacio Valley Road 103
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
925-385-8783, 510-219-5974

Michelle Reese coaches and trains highly sensitive people through individual or group coaching sessions. “As a highly sensitive person myself, I empower clients to discover their unique sensitivities, or superpowers,” says Reese. She then works with them to fully accept and embrace these qualities, and helps them to set up a supportive lifestyle in key areas (i.e., career, home, daily habits, food choices, energy management, and relationships.) As a Certified Heal Your Life Coach, Reese uses Louise Hay’s proven techniques, along with other modalities, to empower clients to achieve their dreams. She works with clients over the phone or using one of the many video-conferencing modalities.

Reese also provides Energy Clearing. “Stressful energy deposits can build up in us or in our homes without us even knowing it. This unseen energy can drag us down and limit us,” says Reese. Trained and mentored by Jean Haner, Clear Home Clear Heart, she uses space clearing and personal clearing techniques to declutter no longer needed energy deposits taking up space in your home or offi ce. Clearing can be performed in-person or remotely. Feeling like your life isn’t where you want it to be? Reese states, “You deserve to be who you were meant to be. You deserve a good life, a loving life and a prosperous life. And you can create it.”



Dr. Michael RehlRehl Chiropractic
1280 Boulevard Way, Suite 211
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

Dr. Michael Rehl’s mission is to create optimal health for people of all ages in the Bay Area suffering from chiropractic and nutritional imbalance and dysfunction. “The body is a selfhealing organism given proper nutrition, rest, and freedom from stressors and interference, including joint dysfunctions, infections, toxicity, and inflammation, to name a few,” says Rehl.

For more than 15 years, Rehl has studied Applied Kinesiology (AK), a dynamic movement in the healing arts. AK is a noninvasive system that evaluates the “triad of health,” a term used to describe the body’s structural, chemical and mental aspects. AK combines the most effective healthcare disciplines in order to evaluate, diagnose and treat most healthcare problems.

“I use muscle testing and associated techniques to determine the root cause of dysfunction and illness, not merely treat symptoms,” says Rehl. “I enjoy learning about health-related issues and how to restore health using chiropractic and nutritional supplements. I am passionate about my work I am motivated to do it well. I love my work.”

As a result of Rehl’s thorough and thoughtful approach, his clients benefit from a more balanced body where pain and symptoms are alleviated, posture improves, movements are easier and better health is achieved.



Superslow Zone6654 Koll Center Parkway, # 100
Pleasanton, CA 94566

SuperSlow Zone, in Pleasanton, utilizes the state of the art bioDensity system to safely aid in increasing bone density by stimulating the body’s natural bone generation process. Based on existing science, bioDensity applies optimal biomechanics to stimulate adaptations creating growth from inside the bone (the Trabecular bone). This U.S. FDA-recognized treatment takes only a few minutes/week, and has been shown to increase bone density twice as well as drug treatments in one third of the time.

“Patients enjoy coming back every week for (bioDensity), which is fast, safe, and convenient, but most of all they know they are improving their bone health,” says Warren Ross, M.D., double board-certified, Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine.

Augmenting the bioDensity treatment is the medically recognized Whole Body Vibration modality. The protocol with this program enhances the bioDensity treatment by increasing circulation, releasing endogenous opiates and enhancing HGH in addition to increasing flexibility and reducing pain.

SuperSlow Zone provides comprehensive performance reports of your progress so you see the difference. Call 925-523-3551 to schedule your session today.



The Brema Center6076 Claremont Avenue,
Oakland, CA

Breema is a simple, natural form of touch and body movement supported by universal principles that provides a unique approach to experiencing body-mind connection. The aim of Breema is to bring us to a tangible experience of presence that becomes our foundation for a new dimension of health and consciousness.

Breema offers a profound understanding of the underlying unity of all life expressed in a dynamic and practical philosophy based on the Nine Principles of Harmony—Body Comfortable, No Extra, Firmness and Gentleness, Full Participation, Mutual Support, No Judgment, Single Moment/Single Activity, No Hurry/No Pause and No Force. The practice of Self-Breema exercises and partner bodywork is a living expression of the philosophy and principles through the vehicle of the body.

Located in the Rockridge district of Oakland, they offer weekly classes, and Intensives three times a year where students can take one class or the whole six days. The nonjudgmental atmosphere of Breema classes is deeply nourishing and helps to let go of conditioned patterns, so you can connect to new and more natural ways of moving, thinking, and feeling. Students benefit from a way of teaching that emphasizes integration of the principles into daily life, helping bring greater harmony to all relationships.

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