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Biophoton Services Offers Parathyroid Rebalancing Treatment

Alameda-based Biophoton Services specializes in integrative therapy for whole-body healing and is bringing awareness to the connection between parathyroid imbalance and calcium metabolism.

The parathyroid glands play a major role in our bodies by controlling calcium metabolism. If the parathyroid glands are disturbed by heavy metals, tetanus vaccines and pollutants, calcium can be delivered to the wrong places in the body, including the kidneys, gallbladder, veins and arteries—instead of supporting the bones, teeth and nails. Biophoton Services provides a rebalancing treatment for the parathyroid in the endocrine system, which allows the parathyroid gland to function properly.

Biophoton light therapy is a gentle practice used to identify disturbances in the body and promote self-healing. A unique biofeedback instrument called a Chiren is used to measure and assess light emissions within cells. This process neutralizes chaotic cells, amplifies coherent cells, and helps to naturally restore clients’ overall health. Sessions are non-invasive and do not require medications or supplements.

Biophoton Services commonly treats clients suffering from dyslexia, migraines, allergies, asthma, arthritis, attention deficit disorder, digestive issues, Lyme disease, hormonal imbalances, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure issues, cardiovascular disease, Crohn’s disease, herpes, prostate issues, anxiety and depression.

Location: 1151 Harbor Bay Pkwy., Ste. 100, Alameda. For more information and to schedule an appointment, call 510-217-8677, email Lillia@BiophotonServices.com or visit BiophotonServices.com.

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