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Tri-Valley Bodyworker Receives Brainspotting Training

Chris Corrales

Chris Corrales

Chris Corrales, owner of Dublin's MedicinEvolution, practices Rolf Structural Integration, a progressive method of healing that integrates the body and mind. Corrales’ most recent training in a treatment called Brainspotting, complements his holistic bodywork background and enhances his understanding of how the body processes or holds on to habits, patterns and pain.

Brainspotting is a method of treatment that helps identify, process and release core neurophysiological sources of trauma. Discovered by Dr. David Grand in 2003, Brainspotting was first used to treat a figure skater who suffered from brain trauma. Grand applied the technique - quite by accident - and it resulted in the athlete’s ability to consistently land a difficult triple loop jump in competition. The athlete’s dramatic improvement inspired Grand to explore and develop the groundbreaking technique.

Today, Brainspotting is practiced by health and wellness specialists across the globe, and right here at home. “This new millennium will be characterized by an integration of brain and body therapies,” says Corrales, who is proud to bring Brainspotting to his clients in the East Bay.

Location: 6400 Village Parkway, Suite 200, Dublin. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call 925-922-2246 or visit MedicinEvolution.com.

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