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My Pharmacy, My Kitchen

Gut Health and Probiotics

Ayurveda suggests six tastes for a complete and balanced diet. The six tastes are Sweet,  Salt, Sour, Pungent, Astringent and Bitter. These tastes have different effects on our body constitution (doshas), hence eating these tastes according to ones’ body constitution plays an important role in maintaining a good health.

• Sweet increases Kapha, pacifies Pitta and Vata
• Salt increases Kapha and Pitta; pacifies Vata
• Sour increases Kapha and Pitta, pacifies Vata
• Pungent increases Pitta and Vata, pacifies Kapha
• Astringent increases Vata, pacifies Kapha and Pitta
• Bitter increases Vata, pacifies Kapha and Pitta

Various spices in our kitchen have different effects on the doshas. Spices help to boost our Agni, the digestive enzymes and thereby enhances the digestive process. It is not recommended to eat too bland food. Whereas one needs to emphasize on spices during winter and spring, summer balancing diet includes limited spice or cooling spices. Spices like Coriander, Cilantro, Mint, Fennel, Saffron, Cardamom are cooling and pacifying for Pitta and summer.

Salads in general are also Pitta pacifying food. Summer is the time to include and emphasize on Salads. Ayurveda suggests making lunch as the main meal of the day as it is the Pitta time of the day, which reflects as an enhanced Agni activity. Additionally, one also needs to eat the food tastes in the right sequence. Eating foods under sweet category in the beginning of the meal and astringent and bitter category food at the end of the meal is recommended. Hence, eat your dessert in the beginning and salad at the end of the meal.

Probiotics play an important role in gut health. Healthy gut leads to healthy body  and mind… Try this easy probiotic recipe from your kitchen and improve your gut health.


2 Tbsp whole fat plain yogurt
8 oz pure water
1  8 tsp dry roasted ground cumin
½ tsp brown sugar

Blend all the ingredients together. Add some cilantro leaves. This probiotic drink should be taken at the end of lunch. Hope you will enjoy this yummy and healthy drink. Our upcoming article will feature details on individual spices and how to use them.

This article holds information for educational purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition. For questions and comments, please contact Rashana R Sharma at 925-255-5375, ChetnaHeals@gmail.com or visit ChetnaCenter.com.

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