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Letter from Publisher

Growing up, I would have never thought that I would one day live the lifestyle I do today. Natural alternative healing was considered woo-woo to most people then; now I happily consider myself an urban hippie.

Always open and inquisitive, through the years I have explored available products and services to give them a fair trial before assuming they were or were not for me. I could have let ignorance reign, playing it safe with what was familiar, but I believe in the depths of my soul that my current path of proactive investigation and application of holistic means of self-care have saved my health and my life more than once. It’s why I publish Natural Awakenings East Bay—to encourage readers to explore an expanded range of options as we cultivate bridges between allopathic medicine and holistic alternatives.

While there may always be some need for drugs and surgery, it can no longer be denied that our bodies have the natural ability to heal given the support they need. We hear story after story of how those that have beaten seemingly overwhelming odds went on to live long and productive lives after being given a short-term terminal diagnosis by conventional practitioners.

Some people feel that giving terminal and chronic patients hope in their ability to reframe their own beliefs about disease to embrace the possibility of complete healing is irresponsible. Others that have witnessed firsthand the miraculous effects of a change in consciousness in themselves and loved ones understand the benefits of learning to harness the power of our mind to heal our body.

Personally, I believe that the key to healing any malady, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, professional or financial, is found through our own diligence and willingness to try and find what works for us as unique beings. In an era of instant gratification and quick fixes that go nowhere, this calls for a persistent and progressive effort to reap lasting results.

Too many of us have been willing to live with less than full and vibrant health, maybe because we don’t know any better or are unwilling to try something less mainstream than a new drug or other temporary patch. Perhaps first, we must have an authentic desire to be healed and next, an openness to keep trying different approaches until we find what resonates on a deep level of inner knowing, a sense that “This feels right.”

May we all pause often this summer to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. Breathe in life. Enjoy a beautiful sunset, dig your toes into the sand, even skip and sing. Stop at a roadside stand and eat fresh-picked fruits and vegetables. Do what feeds your soul and allows you to let go, to exchange stressors for a feeling of calm balance and a healthy life. It may well be the best prevention of all.

To your good health and well-being,

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Celeste Souza, Publisher

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