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Breema Helps Find Harmony in All of Our Relationships

The introductory Breema class offered at the Breema Center, in Oakland, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. on September 22, is open to all beginners, and provides tools to help anyone transform their relationships by becoming more balanced and present. Breema techniques may also benefit parents in relating to their children.

The introductory class is led by Breema Center director and father of two, Jon Schreiber, who says, “We can’t control the events of life. Even when you prepare yourself, things never go exactly as you anticipate. The best way to deal with events is to create a relationship with yourself. When you bring body and mind together, you see possibilities you otherwise couldn’t have seen, so the energy you invest in becoming more present is always wisely spent.”

Class participants will explore the universal principles underlying Breema’s approach to life and health—such as Firmness and Gentleness and No Judgment—while doing simple movements with one’s own body or with another person. The principles can be brought to any activity to open new perspectives and promote a more harmonious atmosphere.

Local Breema Instructor Birthe Kaarsholm presents classes on infant movement and development to new parents and starts with Self-Breema. “Even though parenting is such a physical activity, very few parents relate to their own bodies,” says Kaarsholm. “In the Breema atmosphere, the emphasis is on ‘How can I be present?’ As they become more comfortable themselves, the babies become much calmer.”

Before and after class, participants can receive a complimentary mini-session to experience the effect of Breema first-hand.

Location: 6076 Claremont Ave., Oakland. For more information, call 510-428-0937 or visit Breema.com.

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